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Annie on My Mind

Annie on My Mind - Nancy Garden I know this is a predictable and outdated novel. I've read negative reviews and complaints about it before (some from aspiring LGBTQ writers, and I respect their opinions.) Yes, I am aware of its flaws despite the rating I gave it.

But it still remains as one of my favorites. Why? Because when I first read it (I was fourteen then), it brought me hope. During a time in my life where I was confused of my feelings, and thought myself as "abnormal", this book showed me that I wasn't alone. That even though I would experience prejudice after coming out, I could still find happiness. I was attending a homophobic high school at the time (they wouldn't allow a Gay-Straight Alliance club, or even a discussion about sexual orientation in health class), so the novel provided an escape for me.

I remember sneaking into the library to read it at a corner. About a couple years later, I bought a copy from a used book store(I was so nervous, although the cashier didn't seem to notice.) Right now it is a battered copy, and I'd read it a few times every year (mostly my favorite parts.) It inspired me to write LGBTQ fiction. This book will always be in my bookshelf because of how it changed me.

This is a beautiful lesbian love story with a hopeful ending. I definitely recommend it if you like romance with build-up.